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The new "Love Letter" collection by Casey MacGill is a must have collection of original music. Every track sounds like an old friend, even during the first listen!

Albert Alva

Timberly Williams


Jim D'Ville, May 1, 2018

"That swing, that groove, that pulse has landed MacGill roles in major motion pictures and on Broadway, and even a tour de force appearance on The Gong Show."

Michael Steinman, July 12, 2018

"Casey understands and embodies several truths in his music — in theory and performance.  One is that if the music isn’t fun, why do it?"

New York Times

Ben Brantley, December 10, 1999

"Of the show's soloisits,... only Case MacGill, the ukulele-strumming band leader, has the kind of shrugged-off charm one associates with being cool in the swing era.

Seattle Weekly

Seattle Weekly, April 29, 2011

"Casey MacGill and the Blue Four Trio played '30s and '40s swing and jump blues. The acoustics in the room are fantastic—who knew?—and the band's set was like a live version of KUOW's Swing Years and Beyond."

Atomic Magazine

Chad Kincaid, September 01, 1999

"A crooner of the highest caliber."

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