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Love Letter vol. 1

1. Nocturne
2. Who's Gonna Buy Your Drinks Tonight?
3. So Far So Good
4. Waltz Noir
5. Summer Shade
6. Hold the Phone
7. Nocturne in Db
8. Funk University
9. The Camel's Hump
10. Swinging in the Rain
11. Pan Dulce
12. Love Letter
13. You Always Want the Thang You Can't Have

Love Letter vol. 2

1. Late Night Swing
2. Are You Fats Enough
3. He Makes the Blues Come Out of His Horn
4. San Gabriel
5. On a Summer Night
6. Postcard From Jelly
7. Barrelhouse
8. Head in the Clouds
9. Love Ain't Nothin' But the Blues
10. Rhythm
11. Front Porch Rockin_
12. Its Gonna Be a Long Long Time

The Roycroft Session

Authentic swing rhythm, compelling vocals, and Ellington-like flavor. What makes this special is the combination of great arrangements, vocals, and it's irresistible pulse. Two brilliant originals and three classics that are must-hear.

01 Swing Nation
02 I Never Knew
03 La Dame en Blues
04 Night and Day
05 Honeysuckle Rose
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